Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Letter to My Baby Girl on Her First Birthday

One Year Ago
Dear Baby Girl,

Last year I celebrated the New Year in a hospital bed with only you and although I missed not being with your siblings at that moment you were the most important person in my life and the one beautiful soul I was meant to spend that time with. Life is full of moments, some are sweet and beautiful and others hurt and sting, but as long as we hold on to the beautiful ones it makes it all worth it. You dear one were a pleasant surprise, and a desire that I held in my heart for a very long time. God has blessed me with four beautiful children, and you are the last of the four. My Baby Girl, each of my children have a very special place in my life and my heart, and the Baby Girl place will forever be yours. This year has been one of a lot of change for our family, some of it not so pleasant, but we are learning and we are together and that is what matters. You were among those changes, you are the best and most beautiful thing that happened to us in this last year. Adding a fourth child to our family has been quite a challenge for Daddy and me, we are constantly tired and don’t seem to have enough time to get everything done that we think we must do, but you sweet girl have been a beautiful gift. You have been an incredibly easy baby, except when it comes to changing your diaper, you detest having that done and will try to escape. Daddy says that if you made diaper changing easy then you would be perfect and since nobody can be perfect that is why diaper changing is such a challenge. I guess I must agree with him.

You are also extremely loved. I hope you always know that. Daddy and I love you very much, as do your siblings, your Tita, Tutu, and your grandparents. You have two older brothers and one older sister. Although you seem to enjoy them all, you seem to have a very special bond with your youngest older brother. He makes you laugh and smile just by simply coming near you. He calls you his baby and truly believes you are his. You are 19 months apart and I know in my heart that you will always have a special bond. I pray that you always support each other and best of all that you stay friends for a lifetime. Your Big Sister adores you, I think she truly thinks that you are a living doll. She loves to hold you, even though you don’t always like it. Her biggest complain is that you can’t play all the games she likes to play right now. I am so happy that you will have her as your sister. I always wanted a sister but that was not God’s plan for my life and I feel so blessed that He felt that you and your sister should have each other. Then there is your Oldest Brother, the Big brother to all of you. He is so smart and talented, and I know that you will think he is an amazing guy as you grow up. You will look up to him and he will protect you. He loves you and helps me with you whenever I need him to.

At one year old you currently have the following words: agua, night-night, Dada, Aya (your sister). You have started walking independently although you still can’t walk with shoes on your own. Inside the house you walk barefoot and are able to take several steps without falling. Outside you still need hand holding and you have gotten some good practice this last week with your great grandma (abuelita Chelo).

You love to be outside and if you know somebody is going outdoors you want to go with them. You also like to eat although at the moment you only have three teeth. One on top and two on the bottom. You like to play patty cake, you start to rock side to side when you hear music, and you are quite the loud talker. You also know what you want and will go after it regardless of who has it. You are a healthy baby and for that I am truly grateful to our Father in Heaven who has made you that way.

Each day with you is a gift and a blessing. I pray that you learn to love God and to follow Him all the days of your life. I look forward to watching you grow, learn, and play, and as we walk this journey together I pray that God gives me the wisdom to be the best mommy to you that I can possibly be. Looking forward to our next New Year together sweet girl. New Year has taken on a whole new meaning to me, because with each New Year we will also be celebrating your life each year.
Happy Birthday my sweet one.

Your Mommy

Friday, December 20, 2013

One of my Favorites...

I really enjoy listening to Christmas music and this is definitely one of my favorites. 
When it is played by these little hands it is that much sweeter. 
Here is my Little Knight playing the piano.

Hope you enjoy.  

What is your favorite Christmas song or piece of music?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Putting on the Spirit - Giveaway

Most days I feel like there is more to do than I actually have time for, from talking to other moms and reading other posts it seems that most people feel like that. Regardless of how much we have to do there is one thing that should always be part of our to do list, and that is spending time in God's Word. Nurturing our relationship with Our Creator is by far the most important activity we should be involved in on a daily basis and although I know this I don't always act on it. In fact for quite a while I have struggled with keeping a consistent devotional time each day. In case you are reading this and thinking that I never pick up my Bible - let me explain - I actually do - I pick it up to read to my children or to look up a verse that I want to share with somebody, but I am talking about more than that. I am talking about sitting down to study God's Word just for me - lately I have made a much more focused effort do that.
I have been reading Putting On the Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions for Busy Moms written by Katie Horner. I was glad to be able to review this devotional since it seems to be exactly what I needed to be reading at this time. I love the idea of taking each fruit of the Spirit and studying it and then working on applying it specifically as a mommy and wife. We all know how different our households can be when our hearts our turned in the right direction and focused on God and not ourselves. If you don't know what I am talking about, then you should really read this devotional. Katie writes as a homeschooling mom who understands how life can be when there is just so much to do and at the same time it is obvious she understands the importance of being in the Word.

I have really enjoyed reading this devotional and hope to continue to learn from it. I also appreciate that there is both an English version and a Spanish version, and they are both available for Kindle. To purchase your own copy for $4.99 simply click here.

Once you have purchased your copy you can visit Katie's blog Paradise Praises and download a free workbook. I have been using the workbook and really think it helps add to the study.

Katie has also provided 3 pdf copies to giveaway, if you would like one all you have to do is leave a comment. 
The giveaway will close on Dec. 20th at 8:00p.m.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Man Conversations with Baby Boy

Lately our sweet Baby Boy has been announcing that he is a MAN - yep a man at just 2 1/2 years old. He has had several conversations with his daddy and with me about this topic. Here are two of these conversations for you to read.

While taking a bath....

Daddy: I agree its time for a Haircut

Baby Boy: Yes Daddy, I want a haircut like a Man

Daddy: Like what?

Baby Boy: Like a man, I a man daddy

Daddy: Oh O.k.

After his bath and before putting on any of his clothes he walked straight up to me and explained...

Baby Boy:  Mommy, I a MAN!

Me: Yes, yes you are. A little man, but a man nonetheless.

He was very happy with that reply. :-) And I was very happy to see him smile.

Another day that same week....

Baby Boy: Daddy I want to ride a Bobby (his word for a horse)

Daddy: You want to ride a Bobby?

Baby Boy: Yes, cause I a man

Daddy: o.k I will take you to ride a Bobby very soon.

Another conversation that he obviously enjoyed because again I was blessed to see his very satisfied smile.

I truly enjoy how children develop language, and this age is the best to see that happen. 
What is something you enjoy seeing or hearing your children do in this stage of their life?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Book of Thanks - A Thanksgiving Journal for Little Ones

The idea of Giving Thanks is such an important one. We seem to go through our busy days sometimes without stopping to simply be grateful for what we have, and what God so freely has given us. For a while I had a post every Thursday simply entitled Thankful Thursday but I am not very consistent. Recently my son looked at the last post in the series and said “you have to write more of these". He is correct and so I will be adding more of these posts, but today I wanted to share with you this sweet little journal we are using. I want my little ones to know that they too can make lists of what they are thankful for, so I was happy for the opportunity to review this children’s Book of Thanks.

Heather Bowen from Upside Down Homeschooling put together this little journal. It as 25 days and every other page has a Bible verse on it. We are using it as part of our daily writing. We took a little time to start it simply because I had not printed it, so we will definitely be working on it even after Thanksgiving, which I think is just fine since I want my children to remember that they should be thankful for all of their blessings even when it isn’t Thanksgiving.

For your own copy of this little journal visit Upside Down Homeschooling. You can download a PDF copy of it for $1.99. She made two versions the difference being that the younger version has lines that are easier for early writers to use as they are a bit bigger. We decided to use the older version for both of my children. I printed it and had it spiral bound, but you can simply print it staple it or three hole punch it and place it in a binder. It really is a sweet little journal that not only will help with their writing but it will be a great keepsake.

How do you help your children focus on what they are grateful for?

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.